Damon Ramos was born and raised in Santa Monica California. He credits his parents as the ones to ignite his creativity. Being raised in the 60’s and early 70's he was immediately immersed in a world of creative energy. “Southern California in the 1960’s was a remarkable place. The great music, fashions, ideas, my parents exposed me to all of it.” Additionally, his family took many road trips throughout the entire western United States. This early exposure led to a deep appreciation of the natural beauty of the area.

Damon’s early artistic development was musical. He started piano lessons at age 10. He studied classical and jazz piano, and later started playing with several popular local bands and performing in the LA Club scene of the 80’s.

Throughout this time Damon also developed an interest in architectural drawing and rendering. When he wasn’t playing music, he would draw for hours on end. His passion for the arts continued into his college years when he completed advanced studies of music and architecture.

An accomplished musician/songwriter, Damon later turned to painting as a means of artistic expression. In 1992 he began a serious exploration into painting. He spent about 4 years studying technique, color theory and composition. He originally painted with a brush, but switched to the palette knife as his only means of applying paint to his canvases. “I just fell in love with the strong colors and beautiful textures of knife painting.” Damon credits his brother in-law and renowned artist Julio C. Garcia with his success in the art world. “Julio kept watching me and inspiring me and when he thought I was ready, exhibited my work at Artexpo Los Angeles, 1998.”

Damon continues to develop his technique and exhibits at several shows a year. He is married and still lives in Santa Monica.